Wednesday, 26 April 2017


The anthems aren't strong
to infuse a patriotic hold.
Patriots are for governments,
the country rests in documents.
Arguments find progress
like donkeys on road races.
There's solace in virtual victory,
the media finds itself in futility.
Race donkeys declare their wars
for their jockeys were harsh
and the social network goes berserk
as the wars need to move forward.

You must know.
These wars are rational.
The abuses must be used
or their meanings shall lose
just like donkeys must revolt,
prove they are an intelligent lot.
All morning dung that fill their bowls
are from their egoistic diet charts.
Why mustn't they maintain?
Intelligence must have reservations too.
Who cares for dumb science?
Rocket science has no conspiracies.
Social media protects priorities.
Innovations? Huh!
Donkeys invent dung every moment.
Brilliance is dead
for inventions can be bought,
dung for sale is what you cannot.

Men! Countrymen!
Materialistic and hollow.
You know all except your country.
Borrowed apparels from the West
But thought not of free thinking.
But that can't be bought, can it?
You are impatient,
filled with logic of religions
but no spirit of science,
or the humanity
you are hypocrite about.
Your pride stinks.
You have ruined sentiments
through your bastard emotions.
You are lonely.
You are not my countrymen.
This isn't you.
This isn't us.

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