Sunday, 12 July 2015

BURP !!!

[Dedicated to all food-lovers.]

There is a certain misunderstanding in understanding the concept of a joyful dinner! Obviously, you should not measure it by the number of plates you have gobbled up, not because quantity is hypothetically secondary, but because your order may come in a bowl! Oh! Come on! You need not add the number of bowls, not because quantity is too mainstream to weigh joys, but because half of your orders may arrive in plates and half in bowls! Now what? Would you average them? None marries a dull mathematician! You need to be smart enough!
Sometimes, a quarrel over the most insensible subject makes a dinner joyful! Sentiments are the last thing that technology shall eat up. Forget Einstein's technology quote; we haven't yet discovered the tenth dimension! I am still stuck up on how to figure out what a 3D looks like in 2D! Still, there are us who fight over whether the lady at the other table is married or not! The one who gets a smile from the cutest girl at the restaurant gets his favourite drink. And that makes a dinner worth a dinner!
Although selfies/groupfies are the new style remarks these days, believe me, food plays an important part in deciding whether you are smiling in the "..."-fies or not! A dish of chilli prawns if not served with the proper urban superstitions is a waste! Like, a prawn's extended tail should be felt (sometimes seen) to consider it a perfect starter. Otherwise, all general fish fries are same. Chicken in corianders should taste like chicken in corianders. Otherwise, all chicks are same! And there is this plate of butter paneer. The perfect blend of butter and paneer fried to the best limit of brownish look makes it adorable; otherwise even Ramu Kaka makes butter paneer in his eighties!
Maintaining a healthy diet is utmost necessary. In India, most people find themselves in obese-category on the BMI scale. This is due to a phenomenon called eating-beyond-bellysize. Diets are like resolutions- they are kept to be broken. And we are so skilled in employing this. After all, diet should not sadden us. What say? Eating is a gift. And eating beyond bellysize makes a dinner joyful.
Often, company decides the nature of a dinner. Girlfriends or wives mean a dinner like a funeral. Mom means the best dinner we always cherish at home. Seniors go on a 50-50 note; some are over conscious while others don't possess the talent of identifying a fruit! I have kept the last option at last because their presence always means a bombastic dinner! They are sometimes called friends, and sometimes we know them by the same name, 'Oi' or 'Ay'.
Finally, when I am concluding this piece, I shall say: Enjoy your meals. They are important and...Sorry! Excuse me! BURP !!!

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